Arduino devices whether Uno or other are a simple way to sensor telemetry data.

Arduino devices whether Uno or other are a simple way to sensor telemetry data. I first implemeted some Arduino Telemetry when asked to do a presentation for Azure Dev Days locally, many years ago. That involved a simple API to submit data to an unsctructured database using a now defunct Azure API. There was a .NET app that could present the data. This required a Arduino with network connectivity which a base Arduino does not have without an Ethernet Shield. I used a EtherTen which is a third party Arduino Uno with builtin wired Networking. Some time later I tried a WiFi shield but i never had any success with that. BlueTooth shields were not a probem though.

More recently I dabbled with the IoT Plug and Play bridge which allows devices without network connectivity to piggyback onto a system that does (through RS232, BlueTooth, MQTT etc.) to send telemetry to an IoT Hub. This is based upon the Azure IoT Hub Device C SDK. Besides Telemetry Events it implements a number of higher level functions such as Twinning, Device Discovery, Device Commands and Device Properties.

The AzurePnPBridge

I implemented a variation of this BlazorIoTBridge where the networked device is a Blazor app that forwards Telemetry etc to the IoT Hub abd directs traffic from the Hub to the targetted device. This supports a variety of device connectivities.

The BlazorIoTBridge

The Raspberry Pi Pico W comes with inbuilt WiFi and can be configured with an Arduino BSP. The following posts here make use of that with a port of the Azure SDK for C Arduino to that device.

The RPi Pico W

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