The Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino includes an Arduino Uno board with preconnected devices. The lessons supporting this present coding using the Arduino IDE. These pages present the same lessons using the Codecraft IDE that uses the Blocky style of coding with specific Grove Arduino blocks. >


Guide for Codecraft using Arduino

Codecraft is a programming software based on Scratch3.0 and supports both graphical and text programming languages. It’s a versatile software tool for STEM education. With Codecraft, children are able to design engaging stories, games and animations, and use various electronic kits which CH Maker Ed and Seeedstudio provides to create interactive smart applications. Furthermore, when you’re ready, you can always convert the code blocks to Arduino, Python, or JavaScript to learn more about the most popular languages.

There are 2 modes in Codecraft which are Stage Mode and Device Mode. In Stage Mode, users can control an object which is called a “sprite” by using code blocks. Also, this mode can be used to help students learn about shapes, arithmetic and also other areas of math.

In Device mode, users can connect with a Grove Zero or an Arduino to build their cool projects by simply dragging and dropping code blocks into the IDE. …Codecraft using Arduino We use Device mode.

  1. Get Codecraft
  2. Use Codecraft on the web
    Click on Arduino (Uno/Mega/BeginnerKit)
  3. Install CodeCraft locally … Local link
  4. Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino
  5. These lessons using the Arduino IDE
  6. Guide for Codecraft using Arduino
    Note: Down to “Grove Start Kit for Arduino” only

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