A previous blog is a landing page to list sample Azure Sphere projects. Also, in the previous blog in this series, some activity was proposed to try out some of these sample projects, extend some and to ultimately implement the device component of some of the Azure IoT Hub Telemetry Quickstarts as discussed and extended in previous blogs here. This article discusses the “cooks-tour” of some of these samples.


  • Visual Studio Azure Sphere Templates
    There are two supplied. Blank and Blinky.
    It would be good to get more templates here, eg based upon the Azure/azure-sphere-samples.:
    • Blank
      This minimal Azure Sphere app repeatedly prints “Tick” then “Tock” to the debug console.
      You can debug the HighLevel or LowLevel version of the app. The HighLevel uses the Debug macro whereas the LowLevel version uses the Debug UART directly.
      Remote debugging from host, port 25155
      High Level Core tick
      High Level Core tock
      High Level Core tick
    • Blinky
      This minimal High Level Azure Sphere app repeatedly toggles GPIO 9, which is the green channel of RGB LED 1 on the MT3620 RDB.
      The Green LED does flash.

Documentation for these apps says: Use these app to test that device and SDK installation succeeded, that you can build, deploy, and debug an app with Visual Studio, and that you can deploy an app over the air. > It is NOT recommended to use this as a starting point for developing apps; instead use the extensible samples here: https://github.com/Azure/azure-sphere-samples

  • Azure/azure-sphere-samples
    • I tried a few of these. In particular I tested the AzureIoT and PWM samples. I also modified the LSM6DS3_I2C sample identify the BME280 over I2C. (More on that in that in a next blog.)
  • I recently attended a Microsoft workshop in Melbourne on Azure Sphere, just before the Corona Virus lockdown.
    • Dave Glover presented gloveboxes/Azure-Sphere-Learning-Path
      • A sequence of 6 labs
        Uses Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit (We got one!)
        But can be done on the Seeed Studio Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit or the Seeed Studio MT3620 Mini Dev Board
        Involves Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Sending telemetry, device twins, and direct methods.
        Uses sensors inbuilt on the Avnet device
    • Look for a later post here where I will discuss this material.
  • MT3620 Grove Shield Library
    • I tried a number of the samples here. The shield provides a standardised interface to sensors and inputs via a 4 wire connector. The same devices work seamlessly with other boards that SEEED have developed a shield for, such as the RPi. All samples I tried worked OK. As discussed in a subsequnet blog,I added a sample for the BME280 sensor for this shield.
  • JuergenSchwertl/AzureSphereSamples
    • This is a “nice” set of labs suitable for a Bootcamp. As discussed in a subsequent blog, I implemented the Azure IoT BME280 sensor lab, which worked well.

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