Arduino and mirroring C# Display commands. Specifically implemented for a Neopixel and Grove Baclight RGB LCD display. A Grove OLED096 implementation coming.

Grove Display Class API in Softata (Arduino):

enum display{oled096,neopixel8,lcs1602}

  • static String GetDisplays()
  • static String GetPins()
  • bool Setup();
  • bool Setup(byte * settings, byte numSettings);. // 2Do
  • bool Clear();
  • bool Misc(byte miscCmd, byte * data, byte length=0);
  • bool Backlight();
  • bool SetCursor(byte x, byte y);
  • bool WriteString(String msg);
  • bool WriteString(byte x, byte y, String msg)

Grove Display Class API in SoftataLib (C#)

  • string[] GetDisplays()
  • string GetPins(byte displayType)
  • int linkedListNo = SetupDefault(byte displayType)
  • int linkedListNo = Setup(byte displayType, byte pin) //2Do
  • bool Clear(byte linkedListNo)
  • bool Backlight(byte linkedListNo, byte property)
  • bool SetCursor(byte linkedListNo, int x, int y)
  • bool WriteString(byte linkedListNo, string msg)
  • bool WriteString(byte linkedListNo, int x, int y, string msg)

OLED096 Misc Commands //2Do

  • drawCircle
  • drawFrame

Neopixel Misc Commands

  • bool Clear(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool Misc_SetAll(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue)
  • bool Misc_Set(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte pixel, byte red, byte green, byte blue)
  • bool Misc_SetOdd(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue)
  • bool Misc_SetEvens(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue)

Display Misc LCD Commands

  • bool Home(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool Autoscroll(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool NoAutoscroll(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool Blink(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool NoBlink(byte displayLinkedListIndex)

Grove Displays

  • FreeNove(Adafruit) Neopixel8
  • Grove LCD1602
  • Grove OLE096 coming

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