The previous posts in this series looked in detail at the AziothubDeviceStreaming library and the UWP-Xal app that exercises the library. The UWP app is now being published in the AppStore as AzDeviceStreamingApp. This blog is a checklist of the app’s functionality and what works.

App Store Link (Now available)

The current version of the repository: djaus2/AziothubDeviceStreaming

Features Checklist

Latest (V1.0.11.0)

Device can mimic the Telemetry IoTHub Sample. Nb Need to scroll that Device Menu (the …) on right up to the fourth option)

Update: Latest version (V1.0.7.0)

Az Cli guide to creating a new Az IoT Hub and other feature improvements.

Autostart now works

Two issues:

  • Autostart requires KeepListening to be set so the two are now linked. If you set AutoStart then KeepListenming is checked. But not viz.
  • Timeout needed to be larger. Default is now 100s.

Enjoy! Please provide feedback below.

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