The generic device Grove Sensor class methods on the Arduino and C# sides. Implemented for DHT11, BME280 and Grove Ultrasonic Ranger sensors.

Grove Sensor Class API in Softata (Arduino):

enum sensor{DHT11,BME280,URANGE}

URANGE is Grove Ultrasonic Ranger

  • String GetSensors()
  • String GetPins()/Pin Options
  • String GetListofProperties()
  • bool Setup() //Default settings
  • bool Setup(int[] settings)
  • bool ReadAll(double[] values)
  • double Read(enum property)

Grove Sensor Class in SoftataLib API (C#):

  • string[] GetSensors()
  • string GetPins(byte sensorType)
  • string[] GetProperties(byte sensorType)
  • int linkedListNo = SetupDefault(byte sensorType)
  • int linkedListNo = Setup(byte sensorType, List sttings) //2Do
  • double[]? ReadAll(byte linkedListNo)
  • double? Read(byte linkedListNo, byte property)

Grove Sensors

  • DHT11
  • BME280
  • Grove Ultrasonic Ranger

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