There are three or four ways to build .NET Core on the RPi whether IoT-Core or Raspbian. Focus here is upon on the device app development.

Raspbian is Linux on the Raspberry Pi. IoT-Core is Windows 10 IoT-Core. Both are ARM Operating Systems.

  1. You can create the project on a development machine, say in Visual Studio or VS Code, but target the RPi. You then need to copy the built project to the RPi to run it it. More on this in a later blog. N.b. Can’t deploy directly to RPi from VS like you can with UWP apps on IoT-Core.
    • This requires a Self Contained build with the RPi not having .NET Core installed , or a Framework Dependant build if .NET Core is installed on the RPi.
  2. You can also use a Container. More on this in a later blog.
  3. You can install .NET Core on the device and build the app and run it there. You need:
    • A console terminal to or on the RPi for the command line builds and run activation.
      • PowerShell for IoT-Core
      • SSH Client: eg Putty or Windows or Windows built-in Open SSH 2 Client
        • _Ps Just noticed that tar and curl are also now built-in to desktop Windows. -Raspbian has LXTerminal built-in
    • An editor
      • In Raspbian you have command line text editors such as nano and vi, and graphical ones such as Mousepad.
      • There is no text editor by default on IoT-Core
        • Need to edit remotely.
          • Host the project in a share on the RPi.
          • Host the project on the desktop in a share and edit in PowerShell terminal on RPi through a command line editor
          • Host the project on the RPi in an FTP accessible folder and access using FileZilla. You can action editing from this app.
    • Debugging is an issue
    • Access to GPIO from .NET Core Console apps needs consideration.
  4. Alternatively for Raspbian you can use VS Code Remote to edit, build and run an app from the desktop. More on this later.
    • Not available for IoT-Core: I put in a request for this.

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