I’ve forked the dotnet/iot respository, as djaus2/iot and upgraded the sample apps to .NET Core 3.1, leaving the 2 packages (GPIO and Bindings) and the device drivers at V2.1 for backwards compatibility. I have now done a Pull Request of this back to dotnet/iot.

PR Proposal

Whilst most of the projects remain set to .NET Core 2.1 for backward compatibility, the sample projects are set to .NET Core 3.1. This applies to:

  • The sample projects with each device, but not the device projects
  • The /samples example projects

.NET Standard projects remain at version 2.0.

## Further

Originally, before discussions decided the the packages and drivers should remain as V2.1, I made some significant changes to my fork of dotnet/iot. Ultimately they were largely wound back, They are listed here as background information:

This repository is forked from dotnet/iot

How is this fork different to dotnet/iot (Master Branch):

  • Leave the code so that .NET Core V2.1 apps can link unchanged.
  • Samples and tests changed to .NET Core V3.1
  • .NET Standrd left as V2.0



  • The “dotnet/x64” value is set to “3.1.5” instead of “2.1.11”

In /Documentation

  • No changes

In /Samples

  • Update all .NET Core projects to V3.1

In /eng

  • Update all .NET Core projects to V3.1

In /Tools

  • Update all .NET Core projects to V3.1

In /src/Iot.Device.Bindings

  • No change

In /src/System.Device.GPIO

  • No change, .NET Standard 2.0 anyway

In /src/Device

  • In each Device XXX folder:
    • Update the /src/Device/XXX/samples/XXX.csproj to V3.1
      • But not /src/Device/XXX/XXX.csproj (Left as V2.1)
  • Test projects updated to V3.1
  • In /src/Device/Common
    • Leave CommonHelpers.csproj as V2.1 as /src/Device/XXX/XXX.csproj uses that.
    • Update the test project to V3.1 though

In /src/Card

  • CardRfid.csproj left as V2.1 as above
  • The following avert an error in building Pn5180:
    • CreditCard/CreditCardProcessing.csproj left as V2.1
    • Mifare/Mifare.csproj left as V2.1

From the root running ./Build runs to completion and tests pass OK.
Nb: In VS Code in Windows

Nb: Setting The “dotnet/x64” value back to “2.1.11”
The tests in \Samples fail to build/run. Setting the projects Iot\Samples\XXX\.csproj back to V2.1 nearly solves this. Then get some errors with respect to System.Text.Json in the weather Samples apps. Not the weather in Devices\Common though! On looking this up in [Ms Dox](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/serialization/system-text-json-overview), this is included in .NET Core V3.0. You need to reference it in earlier versions. By adding:

    <PackageReference Include="System.Device.Gpio" Version="1.1.0-prerelease.20153.1" />
    <PackageReference Include="Iot.Device.Bindings" Version="1.1.0-prerelease.20153.1" />
    <PackageReference Include="System.Text.Json" Version="4.7.2"  />

to the Samples\led-matrix-weather.csproj and Samples\led-more-blinking-lights.csproj (with x64 set to 2.1.11) ,/Build runs sucessfully to completion.

Further: Some of the Samples projects were set to other than V2.1 in dotnet/iot.

  • force-sensitive-resitor: V2.1
  • led-blink: V3.1
  • led-matrix-weather: V3.0
  • led-more-blinking-lights: V2.1
  • arduino-demo: V3.0

Restoring these values, and NOT adding the System.Text.Json reference to any of these projects with global.json x64 set to 2.1.11, enabled ./Build to run successfully to completion.

Hint: If you want to build a specific sample on its own, in situ then change the SDK version in global.json to 3.1:

  "sdk": {
    "version": "3.1"

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