This is my contribution to a wonderful initiative by @Pixel_Robots and @Gregor_suttie to get the Azure community to help others learn about all the different capabilities that Azure provides. I have created a video describing how to get going with Azure IoT Hub via a UWP app and with the aim of dispelling some of the fears around the complexity of getting started with #IoTHub. You can watch my video here and see all the other #AzureAdventCalendar videos on the YouTube channel

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Because my slot is for Christmas Eve, the video starts and ends with some of Snoopys Christmas song, from the Royal Guardsmen. Full video as used is On YouTube. Thanks to the author/s of that video.

The video was my first attempt at an extended video (length about 26 min) is Camtesia from TechSmith. As an MVP I’m entitled to a full license but because when I was rushing to put it together at the last moment, and my license needs updating, the video appears with with a Watermark. I’ll rebuild it mid January upon license renewal. In my rush, I put various parts of the video together in different ways so it does seem a bit disjointed in parts… Sorry.


The video discusses the context and use of the UWP app AzureIoTHubToolbox . The simplest way to get start is to install the app from The Store as per the link below. Alternatively you can download the source from GitHub and build it. The app has a section for setting up an new IoT Hub which is simpler to use than many tutorials going around. With the app up and running and an Azure IoT Hub to connect to you wil be quickly sending Telemetry and experimenting with Device Streaming.

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DavidJonesMVP David Jones is a Microsoft MVP in the AppDev and Azure IoT spaces.
He was previously a University Lecturer, Software Developer in Industry as well as a School Teacher.

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