The Arduino Digital commands and the C# mirrors


As digital functionality is about ones and zeros, its is just about assigning specific pins as digital in or out as well as reading the binary state of that pin or writing a binary state to that pin. Thus the Digital functionality is embedded in the softata app, not as a separate class. The functionality supported is:

  • SetPinMode(PinNumber,PinMode)
  • bool DigitalRead(PinNumber)
  • DigitalWrite(PinNumber,bool)
  • DigitalToggle(PinNumber)

Note that there is also the Grove-Analog class for some specific device functionality.


In the Softatalib class there are a number of subclasses to implement functionality by sending messages to the Arduino app. There is a separate digital subclass with teh following methods:

  • SetPinMode(pinNumber,PinMode)
  • bool GetPinState(int pinNumber)
  • SetPinState(pinNumber,PinState) = TogglePinState(pinNumber)

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