W3W is a mechanism where 3 words uniquely define a square 3mx3m (10’x10’) world-wide. A Console app that takes the GPS coordinates and generates tri-word as well as a URL using them that when pasted into a browser, shows the location on a map.

From W3W

The simplest way to talk about location

“Street addresses aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, such as building entrances, and don’t exist for parks and many rural areas. This makes it hard to find places and prevents people from describing exactly where help is needed in an emergency.”

That’s why they created what3words

What is what3words?

“We divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. It’s the easiest way to find and share exact locations.”

Link: About What3Words


A C# .Net 6 Console app that can generate W3W map tri-word and related json data from GPS coordinates.

  • W3W: What Three Words
  • Three words uniquely define a square 3mx3m (10’x10’) world-wide
  • eg Try this: https://what3words.com/adjust.case.trains

*The Projects in the Repository

  • W3WProject: Standalone Console project
  • WhatThreeWords: W3W in static class library
    • Note: Also available as Nuget package: Sportronics.Utility.WhatThreeWords
    • Includes class definition for W3W
    • WhatThreeWords.GetW3W() Returns W3W class instance
    • Usage:
       var w3wjson = await WhatThreeWords.GetW3WAsync(latitude, longitude, w3wkey);
  • WhatThreeWordsConsole: Console app that calls WhatThreeWords Class
    • Same functionality as W3WProject though.
  • WhatThreeWordsNugetConsole: As previous but uses Nuget Package Sportronics.Utility.WhatThreeWords
    • Note: Original Nuget package WhatThreeWords has been deprecated.
  • W3WBlazor: Blazor Server app with form entry of GPS and key.
    • Once searched can click on map link.
  • NetMauiW3W: A Simple .NET MAUI app to do the same.

Sample Console App Output

Hi from Word3Word App!
Getting json string using httpClient.GetAsync
json string: {"country":"AU","square":{"southwest":{"lng":144.918576,"lat":-37.751105},"northeast":{"lng":144.91861,"lat":-37.751078}},"nearestPlace":"Essendon, Victoria","coordinates":{"lng":144.918593,"lat":-37.751092},"words":"adjust.case.trains","language":"en","map":"https:\/\/w3w.co\/adjust.case.trains"}
json string parsed OK

Getting json direct using httpClient.GetFromJsonAsync
Country: AU
Nearest Place: Essendon, Victoria
W3W Words: adjust.case.trains
Map Link: https://w3w.co/adjust.case.trains
The map link URL is on the clipboard.


  • Get an API Key
  • Insert into Data.cs
  • Insert latitude and longitude coordinates into Data.cs
  • Run the app.
  • Paste the Url generated into a Web Browser.

The Returned json

{"country":"AU","square":{"southwest":{"lng":144.918576,"lat":-37.751105},"northeast":{"lng":144.91861,"lat":-37.751078}},"nearestPlace":"Essendon, Victoria",

Pretty printed

Using jsonformatter.org

  "country": "AU",
  "square": {
    "southwest": {
      "lng": 144.918576,
      "lat": -37.751105
    "northeast": {
      "lng": 144.91861,
      "lat": -37.751078
  "nearestPlace": "Essendon, Victoria",
  "coordinates": {
    "lng": 144.918593,
    "lat": -37.751092
  "words": "adjust.case.trains",
  "language": "en",
  "map": "https://w3w.co/adjust.case.trains"

Sample W3WBlazor Output

Sample W3WBlazor Output


The class W3W was generated at json2csharp.com from sample Json in Sample W3W Json. Some mods were needed though wrt the Square class, and properties were made nullable.

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