Let’s look at a few key issues and resources before getting started with .NET Core on the RPi.

.NET Core is available as an LTS.

  • Long Term Support
  • Version 3.1 is LTS: Support for 3 years.
  • Will be updates to LTS, called patches, bug fixes and Security issues (?only?).
    • Current LTS release is .NET Core V3.1.0, released 3rd Dec 2019
    • Previous LTS is 2.1, EOL August 21, 2021
  • New feature releases as LTS November each year
  • Other releases including Previews don’t have long term support
  • Current releases are supported for three months after a subsequent Current or LTS release
  • Use LTS versions in production, others for early development, trial, feedback.

.NET Core Download options

  • Processor: x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
  • OS’s Windows (including IoT-Core), Linux (including Raspbian)
  • Get .NET Core Runtime if you just want to run an app built elsewhere.
  • Get .NET Core SDK if you want to build apps, as well as run them
    • With the SDK you can do command line project creation, building and running.
    • Can also cross compile.
  • Can get installation packages, which require the installation mechanism to be supported on the host
    • E.g. .msi installs supported on Desktop Win 10 but not on Win 10 IoT-Core.
  • As of V3.x can install simply by downloading required files (download binaries) as a compressed folder to the host and setting a path and environment variable to it. Great for RPi!

If you install Visual Studio 19 (V16.4) you get the V3.1.0 runtime installed as well as the V3.1.100 SDK.

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