I’ve added an index of posts in a menu headed by year and months.

It is useful to gave posts listed under year publsihed as a major heading and there under a sub heading based upon the month published. Then organised by date.

See the Site Calendar link in the sidebar.

This has been implemented here based upon the StackOverFlow discussion:
Jekyll/Liquid Templating: How to group blog posts by year?. I used the second part of the first answer from Rafa Girrado. Thanks Rafa!:

Calendar md code
Calendar.md code

It worked with modification, except I made a small change to handle topic and subtopic listings. I was able to embed that in a page with a title and link back the site’s home page. I also gave the page a 2010 date so it doesn’t normally show on the site index, unless I go backwards to first posts. That doesn’t matter as its contents gets rebuilt everytime the site is built.

Next step will be to use the year and month as expandable headings in much the same way that the categories are a collapsable menu in the sidebar.

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