A list of the top level Client commands in Softatalib, the C# class library that interacts over TCPIP with the Arduino hosted service.

SoftataLib.Digital Class

  • SoftataLib.Digital.GetPinState(int pinNumber)
  • SoftataLib.Digital.SetPinMode(int pinNumber, PinMode mode)
  • SoftataLib.Digital.SetPinState(int pinNumber, PinState state)
  • SoftataLib.Digital.TogglePinState(int pinNumber)

SoftataLib.Analog Class


  • int AnalogRead(int pinNumber)
  • SetPWM(int pinNumber, byte value)

Device Specific

enum AnalogDevice { LightSensor = 0, SoundSensor = 1, Potentiometer = 2, Undefined = 255 };

  • SetAnalogPin(AnalogDevice device, int pinNumber, int maxValue = 1023)
  • double AnalogReadLightSensor()
  • double AnalogReadSoundSensor()
  • double AnalogReadPotentiometer()

Softata.Sensor Class

  • string[] GetSensors()
  • string GetPins(byte sensorType)
  • string[] GetProperties(byte sensorType)
  • int SetupDefault(byte sensorType)
  • double[]? ReadAll(byte linkedListNo)
  • double? Read(byte linkedListNo, byte property)

Softata.Display Class

  • Softatalib.Display.Backlight(byte linkedListNo, byte property);
  • Softatalib.Display.Clear(byte linkedListNo);
  • string[] Softatalib.Display.GetDisplays();
  • string Softatalib.Display.GetPins(byte displayType);
  • int Softatalib.Display.SetupDefault(byte displayType);
  • Softatalib.Display.bool WriteString(byte linkedListNo, string msg)
  • Softatalib.Display.SetCursor(byte linkedListNo, int x, int y);
  • Softatalib.Display.WriteString(byte linkedListNo, int x, int y, string msg);

Display Misc Commands

The Misc commands are specific to the type of display and make use of the extra data that can optionally be sent to the service. For example, the Misc Neoplixel command to display all pixel lights is:

    public static bool Misc_SetAll(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue)
        byte[] data = new byte[] { 0x4, (byte)NEOPIXELMiscCmds.setpixelcolorAll, red, green, blue };
        string result = SendMessage(Commands.groveDisplay, 0, (byte)GroveDisplayCmds.misc, "OK:", displayLinkedListIndex, data);
        return true;

For this, the cmd command is generic, Commands.groveDisplay. The specific command GroveDisplayCmds.misc is param elsewhere. The actual display command, NEOPIXELMiscCmds.setpixelcolorAll, is specific to the display and is embedded in the optional data along with an array of colors.

Neopixel Subcommands

enum NEOPIXELMiscCmds { setpixelcolor, setpixelcolorAll, setpixelcolorOdds, setpixelcolorEvens, setBrightness, NEOPIXELMiscCmds_MAX };

bool Softatalib.Display.Neopixel.Clear(byte displayLinkedListIndex) bool Softatalib.Display.Neopixel.Misc_SetAll(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue) bool Softatalib.Display.Neopixel.Misc_Set(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte pixel, byte red, byte green, byte blue) bool Softatalib.Display.Neopixel.Misc_SetOdd(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue) bool Softatalib.Display.Neopixel.Misc_SetEvens(byte displayLinkedListIndex, byte red, byte green, byte blue)

LCD1602Display SubCommands

enum LCD1602MiscCmds { home, autoscroll, noautoscroll, blink, noblink, LCD1602MiscCmds_MAX };

  • bool Home(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool Autoscroll(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool NoAutoscroll(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool Blink(byte displayLinkedListIndex)
  • bool NoBlink(byte displayLinkedListIndex)

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