Determining the intensity of sound to turn an LED on/off. This page hasn’t been converted to Blocky style yet.

T he Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino includes an Arduino Uno board with preconnected devices. The Grove lessons supporting this present coding using the Arduino IDE. These pages present the same lessons using the Codecraft IDE that uses the Block style of coding with specific Grove Arduino blocks.

The sound sensor can detect the sound intensity of the environment, and its output is also simulated. I’m sure you’ve all been exposed to the sound control lights, but now we can do one ourselves, and with the basics, this experiment will be easy for you. Here used Serial Plotter to visualize results.

Background Information:

  • What is Serial Plotter

Serial Plotter is similar to Serial Monitor, allowing you to natively graph serial data from your Arduino to your computer in real-time. This is very useful when data needs to be visualized.

serial plotter

You can open the Serial Plotter by clicking Serial Plotter on left aftrer setting teh connectioon. You can also use teh Serial Plotter in the Arduino IDE, teh result of the lesson is shown at the end of this post.

  • Practice: The LED lights light up when the sound is made. or quieter, the LED lights go off.

1. Grove Beginners Kit Components


                Component                   Interface                   Pins/Address                  
LED Digital D4
Buzzer Digital D5
OLED Display 0.96” I2C I2C, 0x78(default)
Button Digital D6
Rotary Potentiometer Analog A0
Light Analog A6
Sound Analog A2
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Digital D3
Air Pressure Sensor I2C I2C, 0x77(default) / 0x76(optional)
3-Axis Accelerator I2C I2C, 0x19(default)

Components used for this lesson are highlighted.

  • Components Involved

    1. Grove Beginner Kit
    2. Grove LED
    3. Grove Sound Sensor

This lesson is similar to many of the previous lessons in that the LED goes on if a certain conditiona is met. In this case if the sensor value is below a threshold.

Lesson6 Simple
Simplified version

2. Implement the code block:


How to create this …

Watch the video on Youtube:

2Do: Ignore as this is a place holder.

3. Run the app

Download the app to the board, as in previous lesson


The LED module will light up if the surrounding is loud enough.

You can also see the light intensity readings from the Serial Plotter.

Note: You can also adjust the triggerPoint value according to your surrounding light intensity, and also set the period that the LED is on for each sound detection.

Lesson6 Serial Plotter

Arduino Serial Plotter: Note hand claps are circled. Value decresses for these.

Demo Effect and Serial Print Result:

The LED module will light up if the surrounding is loud enough.

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