The az-iothub-ps set of PowerShell scripts has been extended: Building upon the .NET Core GitHub project djaus2/DNETCoreGPIO, there is now an app under Telemetry that runs on the RPi that sends real Telemetry data to the IoT Hub. Uses a DHT22 sensor. Only works on Raspbian though.

The az-iothub-ps repository

  • set-path.ps1 and get-iothub.ps1 are in the PS folder
    • Run ./set-path first
    • Then run get-iothub to create a hub if needed and to get hub metatdata (connection strings).
  • quickstarts folder is in ps\qs-apps under which are apps.

How To

  • See the setup (including wiring) is in djaus2/DNETCoreGPIO repository
  • Set up the IoT Hub as previous using get-iothub PS script and get the environment variable into bash script, as previous.
  • Look for the app quickstarts\telemetry\telemetry\simulated-device_on_RPi
  • Run that after running the script on the device as previous

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