New main Menu item: Get a New: (Group … Hub in Group … Device for Hub) Will generate the 3 new entities as well as connection strings as environment variables etc! All as one command!

In folder PS:

  • Run .\set-path
  • Run get-iothub
  • Main Menu:
    • 8. Get a New: (Group ... Hub in Group ... Device for Hub)
  • When prompted enter Group name, Hub name and Device name as a comma separated string (on one line)

Off it goes:
Throughout press Y to confirm when prompted. Most defaults are Y. Some are N

  • It will check for previous versions of the entities and if OK will start
  • Will create the Group. A prompt for location.
  • Then create the Hub in group. A prompt for the SKU (S1 is default).
  • Then create the Device for the Hub
  • Then generate the connection strings for these three.
  • Then display the connection strings
  • Then save them a PowerShell script in quickstarts folder
  • Then save them as a Bash script in quickstarts folder.

Sorry no steak knives too! … No kitchen sink!

Github Repository for PowerShell script/s:

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