Arduino and mirroring C# Actuator class commands. Specifically implemented for a Servo.

Actuators Class API in Softata (Arduino)

enum actuators {SERVO}

  • String GetListof()
  • GetIndexOf(String actuatorName)
    • When an Actuator is instantiated it is added t0 a linked list.
    • This gets its index in the list using the device name.
    • Assumes only one per actuator type.
  • String GetPins()
  • bool Setup()
  • bool Setup(byte * settings, byte numSettings) //2do
  • bool Write(double value, int index) //2Do
  • bool Write(int value, int index)

Actuators Class API in SoftataLib (C#)

  • string[] GetActuators()
    • Get names of actuators implemented (SERVO is only one thus far)
  • linkedListNo = SetupDefault(ActuatorDevice deviceType)
    • Use defaults D16 and 540, 2400 for SERVO
  • linkedListNo = Setup(ActuatorDevice deviceType, byte pinNumber)
  • linkedListNo = Setup(ActuatorDevice deviceType, byte pinNumber, byte min=0, byte max=0) //2Do
    • min and max (Servo):
      • Suggested and values are 544 and 2400 respectively (as used in default setup)
      • Are the minimum and maximum pulse widths in micrososeconds sent to Servo.
      • minimum = 0 degrees
      • maximum = sets max degrees, 2400 equates to 180 degrees.
      • Nb: Was found that without setting these, maximum swing was 90 degrees.
      • Note there is also a period setting of 20000 microseconds, embedded in the Arduino code.
  • ActuatorWrite(byte linkedListNo, byte value)
    • value for Servo, 0 to 180 degrees
  • ActuatorWrite(byte linkedListNo, double value) //2Do


  • Servo
    • Micro Servo 90 SG90
    • [Data sheet link](}
    • Nb Datasheet says 1-2ms for pulse width, was found 540 uS to 2400 uS were correct
    • Connections to Grove cable
      • Grove Black (Gnd) to Servo Dark Brown
      • Grove Red (Vcc) to Servo Red
      • Grove Yellow (PWM Signal) to Servo Yellow
    • Arduino Library, direct install, search for Servo

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