As an extra feature, you can use the az-iothub-ps script to download a targeted Azure IoT Hub SDK binary, expand it to qs-apps\dotnet, configure the shell running .NET Core.

.NET Core 3.x does not need a full installation mechansism as part of the operating system to facilitate its installation. It can be installed on Windows or Linux simply by downloading the relevant binary SDK or Runtime, and then you expand the compressed file (.zip or .tar.gz respectively) to a folder. You then only need add the folder to the system’s Path (or Exports in Linux) and then set the DOT_NET_ROOT enviroment variable to that location. I call this copy-paste-installation.

A Z U R E  I o T  H U B  Q U I C K S T A R T S  using PowerShell AND Azure CLI

Subscription :"Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN"
Group :"DSHubGrp"
Hub :"DSHub"
Device :"DSHubDevice"

1. Run Apps
2. Clear Apps
3. Get .NET Core
4. Use Existing .NET Core
5. Done

Select action (number). (Default is highlighted) X To exit

The get-iothub script has an option (now) under the Quickstarts menu to orchestrate this. There is a menu of target-cpu combinations. Upon selection, the binary is downloaded to the script temp folder and extracted to Quickstarts\dotnet. The download is left in place so it can be re-extracted at a later date if required. Upon completion, the path and DOT_NET_ROOT are set to Quickstarts\dotnet and all is ready for running the Quickstarts. Note that only one target can be setup at a time.

Also, if the file IsRemote.txt exists in the root of the drive that hosts the PowerShell script, eg c:\IsRemote.txt (content doesn’t matter), then the set-path script will set both of these as well.

Other Quickstart menu options

Run Apps

This takes you to a Quickstart folder. There are two apps as as .NET Core source below each; the Device and the Service. Both can run on the desktop. Alternatively the Device can run on an IoT device, fort example a RPi.

Clear Apps

This clears all of the bin and obj folders under the selected folder. You can choose to remove all such folders under Quickstarts.

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