A simple to code and use line based Markup language making much use of brackets within a line and with start of line monikers for whole of line impact: The Meltdown Parse Schema.

GitHub Code Repository

This implements the Meltdown to HTML parser as well as some sample code:

Meltdown V2.1.0 is now available as Nuget package and can be used with any .NET 5.0 apps.

This Version 2.0

With strict adherence to precedence, pairs of brackets can have multiple meanings depending upon context. This version limits all markup to only use pairs, no triplets, except in one case:

  • ColorPattern is based upon 2 brackets, not 3 … "*((*|*))*"
  • Link Patterns use greater than and less than symbols … "*<<*|*>>*" and "*<<*>>*"
  • The bold-italic-underline format is the only triplet used: [({ ... })]

The Schema

Format Markup Notes
Bold [[text]]  
Italics ((text))  
UnderLine ``````  
Bold-Italics [(text)] Order does matter
Bold-Underline [{text}] Order does matter
Italics-Underline ({text}) Order does matter
Bold-Italics-Underline [({text})] Order does matter
Font Color ((color name|text))  
Links <<url>>  
,, <<link text|url>>  
Heading [[n]] at start of line where n=1..9 eg [[2]]Heading Level 2
Bullet List -<space> or -<tab> at start of line Only one level of list
List Multilevel ((n)) at start of line where n=1..9 See example at bottom
Table ((T)) at start of line Table Header row. Headings are Csv list.
,, ((t)) at start of line Table Data row. Cells are a Csv list
New line within paragraph !! Translates to <br/>

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