About the Grove Beginners Kit for Arduino Hradware..

The Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino includes an Arduino Uno board with preconnected devices. The Grove lessons supporting this present coding using the Arduino IDE. These pages present the same lessons using the Codecraft IDE that uses the Block style of coding with specific Grove Arduino blocks.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is one of the best Arduino Beginner Kit for beginners. It includes one Arduino compatible Board and 10 additional Arduino sensors and all in one-piece of PCB design. All the modules have been connected to the Seeeduino through the PCB stamp holes so no Grove cables are needed to connect. Of course, you can also take the modules out and use Grove cables to connect the modules. You can build any Arduino project you like with this Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino.

Hardware Overview

Note: Dimensions - 17.69 * 11.64 * 1.88cm

  1. Grove - LED: Simple LED module
  2. Grove - Buzzer: Piezo Buzzer
  3. Grove - OLED Display 0.96”: 128×64 dot resolution High brightness,self-emission and high contrast ratio Big screen on a compact design Low power consumption.
  4. Grove - Button: Momentary Push Button
  5. Grove - Rotary Potentiometer: Adjustable Potentiometer
  6. Grove - Light: Detects surrounding light intensity
  7. Grove - Sound: Detects surrounding sound intensity
  8. Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Detects surrounding temperature and humidity values
  9. Grove - Air Pressure Sensor: Detects surrounding atmospheric pressure
  10. Grove - 3-Axis Accelerator: Detects object acceleration
  11. Grove Beginner Kit: Arduino Compatible Board with Grove Ports

Note: By default, Grove modules are connected to Seeeduino via PCB stamp holes. This means you don’t need to use Grove cables to connect if not broken out. The default pins are as follow:

Module Interface Pins/Address
LED Digital D4
Buzzer Digital D5
OLED Display 0.96” I2C I2C, 0x78(default)
Button Digital D6
Rotary Potentiometer Analog A0
Light Analog A6
Sound Analog A2
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Digital D3
Air Pressure Sensor I2C I2C, 0x77(default) / 0x76(optional)
3-Axis Accelerator I2C I2C, 0x19(default)


  • Sensors
    • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
    • 3*Axis Accelerometers
    • Air Pressure
    • Light Sensor
    • Sound Sensor
  • Input Modules
    • Rotary Potentiometer
    • Button
  • Output Modules
    • LED
    • Buzzer
  • Display Module
    • OLED Display


  • Grove Cables x6
  • Micro USB Cable * x1

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