Getting started with Twilio for sending and receiving SMS messages..

Start: Twilio Press the [SignUp] button.

  • You wil get a confirmation email.
  • Twilio uses 2 Factor authentication
    • You will be required to enter your mobile number to which will be sent a security code.
  • On the next page select__(my selections):
    • SMS
    • Whatever
    • With Code
    • C#
    • No I want to use my own hosting service (for code)
  • On the next page note the ACCOUNT SID and AUTHTOKEN
    • Keep then secret!
    • These are needed in Twilio code, eg for sending an SMS message. See next post.
  • Note as per previous post, you can have a free trial but that is useless if not testing in the US.
  • Get a local number: Press [Upgrade now] and get your Credit Card
    • Complete the details on the next page and validate the address
    • Then complete your Credit Card details. $20 should be enough to get started
  • Your Twilio number/s will show on the Console page when done.
    • Note the number to use.


You now have there data to use in-app:


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