Fifteen posts this month document how various functionalities such as downloads, uploads, image views, foldler browsing, using Spinnors as well as viewing Markdown content. This post is a rap up of these posts dissecting a Blazor WASM app as presented in the first post in this series…A Compendium of Blazor How To’s

Blazor Logo I have wondered if this is a solution seeking a problem to solve. In brief, the app presents sample .NET Core apps for browsing. Users of the client app can view individual files in a project and download individual projects as a zip file. This obviates the need, in most cases, to download the whole of an API's GitHub repository.
RPI What then is the purpose of the Blazor Client app and back end Blazor server? Consider a lab situation where students only have a resource poor device such as a Raspberry Pi. The RPis have .NET Core installed and can be accessed directly or remotely to build and run a .NET Core project. The server hosts the suite of samples of interest. Lab participants can then select and download a specific sample app. They then build and run the app. They can access the projects remotely in a browser or as an installed PWA app.
In developing the GetListofSample app, a range of functionalities were envisaged. Some of the solutions for them were found from searches, from formal documentation and others are a "home brews". The links here are to blog posts on this site about those solutions.

Folding Menu
An example of a “home brew” solution: A Folding Menu

The bulk of these solutions are based upon existing posts and Nuget packages by other developeres. Where relevant, acknowledgements and links are included. In some cases these are extended. In particular, one mechansim was corrected so it did work. This set of posts is essentailly a one stop shop; a compendium of solutions. Your comments on the posts are invited. disqus is used for feedback.


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